New technology for the reduction of alcohol in wine


bevtec-500x500-370957280The market for wines with lower alcohol content is growing.

Winemakers want to manage and optimize the alcohol content of their wines.
BevTec, together with K+H Armaturen GmbH, offers the perfect solution to maintain the original wine with less alcohol:
Alcohol reduction with hydrophobic membranes, combined with a RO plant to retain aromatic compounds, gives place to a technology without a thermal process nor extraction of water from the original wine.


This means: same wine, easier to drink!


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Since 2010 we have provided breweries in Spain and Portugal with Pentair Südmo’s quality valves and spare parts.

For craft brewers, we also have some exciting technology on our product catalogue.

We offer excellent membrane contact system for gas management and alcohol reduced or alcohol free beer (hydrophobic membrane), by K+H Armaturen GmbH.

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Pentair Südmo – new product on the market!


Pentair Südmo’s SVP FILL is ideal for product handling in filling machines

Up to 4 cylces per second; more than 24 million cycles; EHEDG and 3-A 53-06 compliant.

Quality products from Pentair Südmo are suitable for beer, dairy, and other beverage producers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, that require the highest standard in their production.

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