Welcome to BevTec

At BevTec we help you optimize your beverage- and food processes

We focus on guaranteeing an effective investment for your production, while maintaining the efficiency and quality of our services. This we do by delivering innovative technology, a knowhow shaped by long-standing experience and dedication, and an attentive service.

The essential link
Since 2004, BevTec has been an essential link between technology companies and the producers of food and beverages in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Our partners
BevTec is the distributor for the companies Heinrich Frings, Pentair Südmo, Bioma and K+H in Spain and Portugal, and has a long-standing experience, both theoretical and practical, with the production of quality food and beverages.

Our service
We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the swift, consistent and steadfast delivery of the services that meet the company’s aspirations and future motives.

In short: at BevTec we share your passion for world class beverages, and take pride in always being at the forefront of the market and its needs


We strive to be the main partner of those who share our passion in producing beverages of the highest quality. Furthermore, we want to help our clients to be the first to bring new products to the market.

We want to give all of our clients - technology manufacturers as well as beverage producers - a unique service. Cooperation with us should always be perceived as accessible, easy and positive.

No customer is like the other. No problems have fixed solutions. However, we are up for the challenge. That approach is our recipe for success.


We are strong
We know the market and its players, and we understand that service often depends on speed. We strive to solve problems before our clients even formulate them, and work proactively when we know that it can help our clients on a busy workday.

We are passionate
We are experts in the field, and we share in our customers’ pleasure when we solve their problems quickly and effectively. Furthermore, we are proud of the close and comfortable ties we share with our partners and customers.

We are service-minded
We inquire into our customer’s specific needs, and we often customize solutions accordingly. We make sure to set the expectations before we start an assignment, and aim to keep a good dialogue throughout.

We recognize quality
We know the market’s needs and quality standards. Moreover, we understand our customer’s specific wishes, down to the smallest detail. We set high standards for the service we provide, and are well aware that success always depends on the customer’s latest experience.

We speak your language
We believe that a good dialogue is central for an understanding between us and our clients, and that passion is the best starting point for a good partnership and a satisfying result.

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