At BevTec we know that the dairy production requires hygienic production processes, and we deliver top notch hygienic and aseptic valves and pumps

We supply Pentair Südmo's valves and pumps e.g. Pentair Südmo AS-DSV SECURE.

Our partner
Pentair Südmo, the producer of these new valves, has many quality products in their product catalogue that guarantee a stable and long-standing production.

With Pentair Südmo’s valves and pumps you will avoid complex maintenance and unnecessary replacements, and if you need any original spare parts for your older production facility, just ask us.

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If you think Pentair Südmo’s applications could be interesting for your company, we at BevTec look forward to hearing from you.

On our page ‘About us’ you will find direct contact information of our specialists, or you can fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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