Do you want to avoid microorganisms in your bottling process and your final products? Are you located in Portugal?

Use Velcorin®, or dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC), delivered to you by BevTec.

The challenges for beverage producers are increasing, and there are different methods for the stabilisation of beverages. Cold sterilisation with Velcorin® has proved to be one of the top technologies to stabilise your product.

It is well known that microorganisms such as yeasts, mould and bacteria can endanger your production in different ways. They affect your production standards, the quality of your beverage, and even threaten the health of your consumer. Velcorin® controls a wide range of these spoilage microorganisms that appear in wine.

Velcorin® Dosing Technology is a high-quality dosing pump that gives excellent dispersion of Velcorin®. The dosing pump is easy to incorporate into the electronic control system of the beverage production line and can be installed in both new and already existing bottling lines, without the need of much adjustment.

By using Velcorin® and Velcorin® DT, you are ensuring a high production standard, you are protecting the organoleptic characteristics of your wine, and furthermore you are offering a beverage to your customer than can be consumed without a second thought to any health risks.

BevTec delivers your Velcorin®
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What is Velcorin®?
Velcorin®, or dimethyl dicarbonate(DMDC), is a microbial control agent that is used to stabilize wine during the bottling process. This bottling process is well known to involve some risks, as the ambient air, the production plant and even the wine can contain some dangerous micro-organisms. Cold sterilization with Velcorin® has proved to be one of the top technologies to achieve a safe and controlled bottling process, and has no effects on the taste or colour of the product.

Which industries use Velcorin®?
Wineries and soft-drink industries use Velcorin®. For more detailed information, please contact us, as there are some restrictions applicable.

What are the advantages of using Velcorin®?
There are many advantages that come with using Velcorin®. First of all, there is a significant increase of microbiological security by controlling a wide range of spoilage microorganisms.

Secondly, you can expand your product range with more sensitive products.

Other advantages are that your production becomes more cost-effective, it is compatible with all packaging types, it has no effect on the colour or the taste of the beverage, and it breaks down into naturally occurring substances. Furthermore, the quality of the wine is increased, since the use of sorbate can be reduced or even eliminated.

What are the core Velcorin® products?
Velcorin®/dimethyl dicarbonate(DMDC) and Velcorin® DT.

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