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Wineries who are interested in producing wine without any added sulfites should consider using the Bioma product Epyca in their production.

Epyca is a biological co-adjunct, obtained from natural polyphenolic complexes extracted from grape seeds. Using Epyca you will get the advantage of being able to produce an exclusive wine with fewer chemicals. Wines treated with Epyca are the ideal choice for consumers who suffer from allergies or intolerance towards sulfites. The most affected markets are those of Northern Europe, USA and Asia, where people are genetically more sensitive to sulfates and increasingly in search of alternatives to ordinary wines.

You will be able to broaden your portfolio and produce an excellent wine for consumers who are in search of quality wines without negative side effects, such as headaches, stomachaches, etc.

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What is Bioma?
The Bioma product Epyca is a biological co-adjunct, obtained from natural polyphenolic complexes extracted from grape seeds. Epyca allows wineries to produce wine without added sulfites.

Which wineries should use Bioma?
Wineries who want to bring a niche product to the market should consider using Bioma products.

What are the advantages of using Bioma?
Still more consumers suffer from allergies and intolerance towards sulfites. It leads to headaches, stomachaches, etc. Therefore, more consumers choose products without chemicals.

Bioma is the ideal solution if you want to meet this increasing consumer need in your wine production.

What are the advantages for me as a winery?
You will stand out against your competitors for offering wines with no added sulfites. You will market a niche product, which will apply to the quality conscious consumers in upcoming markets.

What is the core Bioma product?

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